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GHM Honsberg offered by ONRION LLC for a long time with reasonable price and delivery time to USA Industrial market to our esteemed customers. For the following list of products from the brand GHM Honsberg (even if some of them are not on the list) please contact us for an offer. Our products are delivered to your door with our wide distribution network throughout USA

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The merger of the companies GREISINGER electronic, Honsberg Instruments and Martens Elektronik GHM Messtechnik 2009 is created, which is a full-range supplier for measurement technology and industrial electronics.the Imtron metrology has been integrated as the fourth company in the GHM group in March 2010 and in July 2013 merged these companies to GHM Messtechnik. In this context, the new sales and training center in Erolzheim was installed. As a new partner in the field of control technology came in March 2014, the company T & A telemetry & Automation to. The end of 2015 it was taken over by Delta Ohm from near Padua, near Venice. Thereby the wide range of GHM Messtechnik be extended to devices for environmental monitoring. With approximately 300 employees and more than 35 developers at the seven locations Erolzheim, Regenstauf, Remscheid, Barsbüttel, Owingen, Kassel and Padua / Italy GHM Messtechnik is able to offer a complete product portfolio for diverse applications in metrology.Our Germany-wide distribution network provides our sales representatives provides excellent technical advice. Complemented by our own sales subsidiaries in the Czech Republic, Denmark and the Netherlands and partners throughout Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa, we are almost global presence. The extensive network allows us to ensure optimal customer service on location. GHM-Honsberg MR1K-020GM040 GHM-Honsberg UR1-020-GM-12 GHM-Honsberg RRI-010GVQO40V10KNK-8 GHM-Honsberg RRI025V080E10KPS-212 GHM-Honsberg 11774335 GHM-Honsberg HD2KO1-025GM060E GHM-Honsberg FLEX-HD2K-ITLO GHM-Honsberg OMNI-HD1KIS HD1K-015GM020E GHM-Honsberg MR1K-015GM020-269 GHM-Honsberg RRI-010GVQ040V10KNK-8 GHM-Honsberg HD1KO-015GM020-831 GHM-Honsberg FF-008GR009S GHM-Honsberg 949283 NW1-020HKA GHM-Honsberg 952959 A-U1-2 GHM-Honsberg MHK-025GA050 REPLACED BY VOR-025GM0450 GHM-Honsberg HD1K-020GM-020/G314 GHM-Honsberg HD2K 015 GM 020 GHM-Honsberg HD2K-025GK040 GHM-Honsberg HD1K-015GM010A GHM-Honsberg FF-040GR012S GHM-Honsberg EFKPT-015HK029PS GHM-Honsberg KM-020GK GHM-Honsberg A 1305.7871 GHM-Honsberg HD1K-010GM010 GHM-Honsberg HD1KVO-015GK040-535 GHM-Honsberg HD1K-008GM005 GHM-Honsberg MR1K-015GM005-957997 GHM-Honsberg VHZ-O-020GA050PT old designation, new designation VHZO-020GA050ZBT GHM-Honsberg PI005A004H-7 GHM-Honsberg replacement o-rings for the oil flow switch Model FF GHM-Honsberg FF-040GR025S-13 GHM-Honsberg UM3K-040GM500 940141 GHM-Honsberg FW1-015GP006 GHM-Honsberg UR1-010G3/8GMA-U1.1 (consists of UR1-010GMA and A-U1-1) GHM-Honsberg UR1-010G1/2GMA-U1.1 (consists of UR1-015GMA and A-U1-1) GHM-Honsberg UR1-010G3/4GMA-U1.1 (consists of UR1-020GMA and A-U1-1) GHM-Honsberg UR1-010G3/8GKA-U1.1 (consists of UR1-010GKA and A-U1-1) GHM-Honsberg UR1-010G1/2GKA-U1.1 (consists of UR1-015GKA and A-U1-1) GHM-Honsberg UR1-010G3/4GKA-U1.1 (consists of UR1-020GKA and A-U1-1) GHM-Honsberg UR1-010GMA GHM-Honsberg MF-003GM002-52 GHM-Honsberg 949766 GHM-Honsberg 941956 GHM-Honsberg 953726 GHM-Honsberg 959215 GHM-Honsberg 940271 GHM-Honsberg 955785 - Standort Honsberg GHM-Honsberg UR3K-020GM085 GHM-Honsberg EFFI-HI4S obsolete, replacement LABO-RRI-025INS GHM-Honsberg RRI-025GMQ120V10KE GHM-Honsberg 2210490017 GHM-Honsberg VDO-025GR-040 GHM-Honsberg LABO-RRI-025INS GHM-Honsberg NJM2-000S-961052 GHM-Honsberg HBG/EPS1-200RK-015S obsolete, alternative 956912 GHM-Honsberg NW1-020HMA GHM-Honsberg A-U1-2 952959 GHM-Honsberg FF-015RMS-125 (09SN042454) GHM-Honsberg RPI-025GMQ080V10KE GHM-Honsberg HD1K-020GM030A GHM-Honsberg 940240 GHM-Honsberg RRI-025GVQ160V10KE-248, 90261021 GHM-Honsberg OMNI-P1-010RK015S GHM-Honsberg PH-002M004HS-1 GHM-Honsberg ZEG-020GPN080N - obsolete , replaced by ZEG-020GPS080N GHM-Honsberg UR1-015GM GHM-Honsberg 957649 (OMNI-FIS-080IS) GHM-Honsberg 957525 (FIS-080BB004E) GHM-Honsberg RRI-025GVQ120V10KPS GHM-Honsberg CHK KH 025GM006/07SN004689 GHM-Honsberg RRI-025V080E10KPS-212 GHM-Honsberg 942515 - Standort Honsberg GHM-Honsberg EFFI-II4S obsolete replacement 957251 GHM-Honsberg VD-015GR020 GHM-Honsberg 957251 - Standort Honsberg GHM-Honsberg UM3K-020GM003-65 GHM-Honsberg CM2K-025HM GHM-Honsberg CM2K-025HK GHM-Honsberg CRG-025HKS GHM-Honsberg ZEG-020GPN080N GHM-Honsberg RRI-010PI/A7PSP.2E GHM-Honsberg CRG-025HMS GHM-Honsberg UR1-015GMA GHM-Honsberg UR1-020GMA GHM-Honsberg UR1-010GKA GHM-Honsberg UR1-015GKA GHM-Honsberg UR1-020GKA GHM-Honsberg A-U1-1 GHM-Honsberg RVM-008GM300 GHM-Honsberg UKV-020GML00050 GHM-Honsberg UKV-040GML0050 GHM-Honsberg RRI-010TVQ050V02TPS-65 GHM-Honsberg FR-015GR GHM-Honsberg EFK2-015HK045NS-74 (953922) GHM-Honsberg FLEX-RRI-UPLO GHM-Honsberg TF-090K015HO-6,obsolete,replaced by TF1-090K015HO-46 GHM-Honsberg ETS-100K015B100 GHM-Honsberg NW1-020HKA GHM-Honsberg A-U1-2 for NW1 GHM-Honsberg MR1K-025GK ¾ GHM-Honsberg ETS-100K015B050 TEMPERATURE TRANSMITTER GHM-Honsberg TZ1-050ZM250-9 GHM-Honsberg FF-040GK015S GHM-Honsberg FF-04-06R015S GHM-Honsberg FLUVAFIX FF GHM-Honsberg FW1-008GP006 GHM-Honsberg FLUVATEST CRG-025HM GHM-Honsberg FW1-008GM006 GHM-Honsberg FLEX-F-015HK045IFMTH0 GHM-Honsberg RM-015GK GHM-Honsberg RW-015HKS GHM-Honsberg NJVM2-015GM010 GHM-Honsberg RRI-025GVQ120V10KPS-49 943631 GHM-Honsberg 960547 , order code PH1-008K008H0BE GHM-Honsberg 10/20 c/un 15 GHM-Honsberg VR-010GR007-87 GHM-Honsberg UM3K-032GM300-52 GHM-Honsberg ZEG-020GPN080V GHM-Honsberg FW1-020GP011 GHM-Honsberg UR1-015AM GHM-Honsberg UM3K-020GK100 GHM-Honsberg RRI-025GVQ 160V10KE-G1 GHM-Honsberg RW1-016PPK GHM-Honsberg UKV-020GML0025 GHM-Honsberg OW-025GM GHM-Honsberg WO1-025GK GHM-Honsberg WO1-025GM GHM-Honsberg BIMETAL M42 SPECTRA NO.072 6000X41X1.3X 4/6 GHM-Honsberg BIMETAL M42 SPECTRA NO.072 3660X27X0.9X 4/6 GHM-Honsberg BIMETAL M42 SPECTRA NO.072 5500X41X1.3X 4/ GHM-Honsberg BIMETAL M42 SPECTRA NO.072 6000X41X1.3X 2/3 GHM-Honsberg BIMETAL M42 SPECTRA NO.072 5500X41X1.3X 3/ GHM-Honsberg BIMETAL M42 SPECTRA NO.072 3660X27X0.9X ¾ GHM-Honsberg BL-010GK ,11027859 / PN-16 / T MAX : 200 ºC GHM-Honsberg BIMETAL M42 SPECTRA NO.072 6000X41X1.3X ¾ GHM-Honsberg VHZ-010GA006MB GHM-Honsberg FF-015RMS-138 GHM-Honsberg MW3-020HM GHM-Honsberg UR2-015VM-43 GHM-Honsberg VD-032GR100 GHM-Honsberg VD - 065FG - 450 GHM-Honsberg VOR 15KI 0040 GHM-Honsberg FLEX-RRI-025UPLO, 90261021 GHM-Honsberg FW1-015GM006 GHM-Honsberg HD1K-020GM030 GHM-Honsberg VLR-025GM035 GHM-Honsberg K04PU-10SW GHM-Honsberg FF-040GR025S GHM-Honsberg LABO-F012-S100KPH0H GHM-Honsberg KPU-02SW GHM-Honsberg UM3K-010 GM050 - obsolete, replaced by UM3K-010GM055 GHM-Honsberg UM3K-010GM055 GHM-Honsberg UR1-015VMA, Art. N: 90261089 GHM-Honsberg A-U1-1, Art N: 90261081 GHM-Honsberg VLR-025G A035 Obsolete!! Replaced by VLR-025GM035 GHM-Honsberg HD1K-015GM020 GHM-Honsberg 949766 GHM-Honsberg 959215 GHM-Honsberg HD2K-010GM008 GHM-Honsberg HD1K-025GM005 GHM-Honsberg UR3K-010GM050 GHM-Honsberg 944296 , order code MR1K-010GM030 GHM-Honsberg FF-015GR012 GHM-Honsberg FX-015AP-5 GHM-Honsberg FW1-O15GPO06 GHM-Honsberg TF1-090M020HS GHM-Honsberg MR1K-020GM020 GHM-Honsberg CRE-025HMS GHM-Honsberg CRE-025HKS GHM-Honsberg HD1KO-025GM060 (940444) GHM-Honsberg MF2-020JA-41 GHM-Honsberg H2O-010GK008 GHM-Honsberg NJV-015GK010 GHM-Honsberg MR1K-020GM004-104

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GHM-Honsberg1 1/2 '' 1 1/2 ''
GHM-Honsberg3660X7X0,9 MM 4/6 K 3660X7X0,9 MM 4/6 K
GHM-Honsberg514515 514515
GHM-Honsberg940240Flow Monitors940240
GHM-Honsberg940241 940241
GHM-Honsberg940823 VD-040GR100 940823 VD-040GR100
GHM-Honsberg940824 VD-040GR150 940824 VD-040GR150
GHM-Honsberg941984 941984
GHM-Honsberg957152 957152
GHM-Honsberg957207 957207