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Mindman had increased investment in productive facilities and professionals to expand its production capacity. Efficient automated production lines and technical management reduce production costs, making Mindman products globally competitive.

1. Apply automation to plastic syringe production to reduce labor costs.

2. Apply the best form condition by programming to maintain the stability of the quality.

3. Use the precision measuring tools and AOI to control the dimensions.

4. Continuously analyze the plastic molds & its cycle time to improve the quality.

There are more than 200 CNC machines in the house and they work for more than 50,000 different types of parts currently. We use APS system to facilitate our complicated processing priority arrangement. The robot equipment, on-line digital measuring tools, Kan-Ban system and automated special processing are to be improved for our reasonable cost, punctual delivery and high quality.

From form shaping, maintenance, die casting, grinding to deburring, we were strictly controlled for all process to maintain its quality.

Mini-cylinder MCKMI

Tube I.D. Φ20, 25 (mm). ISO-6432 standard. Cylinder with hexagonal rod design allows non-rotation of the rod. Types of oil-filled alloy. Stainless cylinder tubes resist corrosion and abrasion

Air units MAVS

Start-up valve for low-speed air supply for gradually increasing the outlet pressure in an air system and for rapid draining by venting the air supply. Combination with modular air units (unit F.R.L.). Connection size: 3/8, 1/2

2/2-way piston series

2/2-way membrane series

2/2-way piston series

3/2-way piston series

Pilot valve

Mechanical valve

ACT Mechanical Valve

EPA Mechanical Valve

Hand valve

Shut-off valve

Foot switch




Automatic Drainer

Self-drain valves

Pressure reducing valves

Hand control

Precision regulator


Air / Mist / Micromist filter

Soft stop valve

Filter for turbo type

High-performance compressed air filter

Digital capacitor removal timer

Pneumatic pressure switch

Pressure gauge

M2E Series

MHD Series

Standard Cylinders

Air / Oil Converters

Standard ISO-VDMA cylinders

Locking cylinder locking cylinder

ISO-VDMA standard profile cylinder

Bar locking cylinder

Closing unit

Compact Cylinders

Plate Cylinders

Multiple mounting cylinders

Miniature Cylinders

Pin cylinder

Mini cylinder without twisting

Bar locking cylinder

Round Cylinder

Twin guide cylinder

Triple guide cylinder

Dual rod cylinder

Shift Cylinder

Compact carriage

Slider set

Sliding Table

Rotary actuator

Mini turntable

Clamping cylinder

Pneumatic swivel clamping cylinder


Parallel gripper

Three baking tongues

Four-bar claw

180 ° angle gripper

Rotary Grips

Belt driven units Electrical drive

Electric Gripper


Exhaust Cleaner

Muffler throttle valve

Check Vavle

Flow control valve

Quick release valve

Shift valve

PU Tube


Air Press

Nozzle cooler

Vacuum generator

No contact transfert

Floating connection

Woman's Stays

Sensor switch

Round connector

Shock Absorber

Hydraulic speed controller

Check valves


Hydraulic cylinder

Compact hydraulic cylinder

Round hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic rotary actuators

Hydraulic Lever Cylinders

Hydraulic Swing Cylinders

High oil pressure swinging cylinder

Threaded Cylinder

Hydraulic working support

Decentralized control system

Remote Modules

Industrial Communication

Fun modules

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Mindman0554 00 1.00/7090. 0554 00 1.00/7090.
Mindman21.05.97 21.05.97
Mindman2200-4E1 2200-4E1
Mindman2600-4EI WITH COIL 110V 2600-4EI WITH COIL 110V
MindmanBowl assembly with auto drain for MAF400-10A Bowl assembly with auto drain for MAF400-10A
MindmanFMRF300-AD-UAuto Drain ValveFMRF300-AD-U
MindmanMACP401-10A-C-T10 MACP401-10A-C-T10
MindmanMACP300-10A MACP300-10A