Sales of Spg products in USA

Spg offered by ONRION LLC for a long time with reasonable price and delivery time to USA Industrial market to our esteemed customers. For the following list of products from the brand Spg (even if some of them are not on the list) please contact us for an offer. Our products are delivered to your door with our wide distribution network throughout USA

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motor servo motors geared motors Spg 14052 Pulsante Spg 14053 Pulsante Spg 40W 220V 1/200 RED.(6 RPM) Spg 60W 220V 1/200 RED.(6 RPM) Spg 6DA 75 B Spg BZ23G109M-A06 Spg BZ23G109M-A06 OEM!! Spg BZ23G90K-A03 Spg ISG_3240_RTC Spg ISG-3225 Spg ISG-3225. Spg l IC 9425ysa 220V .56A 100W Spg S6DA10B Spg S6DA15B Spg S6DA20B Spg S6DA25B Spg S6DA25B1 Spg S6DA75B Spg S6DA75B I=75:1 Spg S6I06GBCE Spg S6I06GB-V12 Spg S6KA10B Spg S7I15GE Spg S8I25 Spg S8I25GB-S12CE Spg S8I25GD-S12CE Spg S8I25GX-TCE Spg S8KA150B Spg S8KA15B Spg S8KA180B-M70 Spg S8KA200B-L33 (cannot be sold as a single unit, part of S8L42L33-L43) Spg S8KA200B-L33 not available as a single unit (included in S8L42L33-L43) Spg S8KA25B1 Spg S8KA60B Spg S8L42L33-L43 Spg S8R25 Spg S8R25GX TCE L42 not available, only as complete unit S8L42L33-L43 Spg S8R25GX-CE (cannot be sold as a single unit, part of S8L42L33-L43) Spg S8R25GX-ES12CE Spg S9140GXHCE Spg S9190GXH-V13CE Spg S9I40 Spg S9I40GBL-S24 Spg S9I40GXH-S24CE Spg S9I60GSH-TCE + S9KC20BH Spg S9I60GTH-TCE(G92) Spg S9I60GXH-TCE Spg S9I90 Spg S9I90GBH-S12 Spg S9I90GXH-V12CE Spg S9KB12,5BH Spg S9KB30BH Spg S9KB50B1H Spg S9KB60BH Spg S9KB90BL0 Spg S9KC18BH-J51 Spg S9KC20BH Spg S9KC30BH Spg S9KD10B Spg S9R40KB-F66 Spg S9R40KXCE Spg S9R90GXL-ES12 Spg SG9A609-A610 OEM Spg SPG ISG-3240PMEB-1 Spg SPG S6I06GXCE Spg SPG S6I06GX-S12CE INDUCTION SPEED CONTROL MOTOR + SPG S6DA15B GEAR HEAD + SRX01CE SPEED CONTROLLER Spg SPG S6R06GA-TCE Spg SPG S7KA15BL Spg SPG S7R15GX-ECE Spg SPG S8D30-36A(OA11) Spg SPG S8I25GT-TCE + SPG S8KA36B Spg SPG S8KA36B Spg SPG S8L42L33-L43 Spg SPG S9D250-90CH(OA97) + S9KC36BHO-H41 Spg SPG S9GX10BH Spg SPG S9I40GSH-TCE Spg SPG S9I40GXH-TCE Spg SPG SKB150BH Spg SPG SKB180BH Spg SRB02CE Spg SRX02CE Spg SUA90IX-V12

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Brand Product Description Product
Spg40W 220V 1/200 RED.(6 RPM) 40W 220V 1/200 RED.(6 RPM)
Spg60W 220V 1/200 RED.(6 RPM) 60W 220V 1/200 RED.(6 RPM)
Spg6DA 75 B 6DA 75 B
Spg70017515 70017515
Spg98099  98099 
SpgBZ23G109M-A06 OEM!!motorBZ23G109M-A06 OEM!!
SpgDC MOTOR S9D150-24 DC MOTOR S9D150-24
SpgISG3240PMEB-1  ISG3240PMEB-1