Sales of iC Haus products in USA

iC Haus offered by ONRION LLC for a long time with reasonable price and delivery time to USA Industrial market to our esteemed customers. For the following list of products from the brand iC Haus (even if some of them are not on the list) please contact us for an offer. Our products are delivered to your door with our wide distribution network throughout USA

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absolute linear encoder / magnetic / non-contact absolute rotary encoder / Hall effect absolute rotary encoder / optical / SMD / IC APC laser diode driver circuit board CMOS image sensor / full-color / linear comparator amplifying integrated circuit / electronic diffuse reflective photoelectric sensor / cylindrical / infrared diffuse reflective photoelectric sensor / rectangular / infrared DSP microprocessor gate driver Hall effect proximity sensor / miniature / amplified IC LED driver / for light curtain IC signal conditioner IC signal conditioner / for sensors / for displacement sensors infrared LED / round / SMD infrared LED / subminiature / square / SMD interface ASIC / for sensors interpolator laser diode driver line driver linear position sensor / magneto-resistive / with IO-Link interface linear position sensor / non-contact / optical / analog low-voltage switching regulator operational amplifying integrated circuit / electronic photodiode receiver / for radio remote control radio transceiver / IC safety monitor sensitive switch / multipole / analog sensor signal conditioner IC visible light sensor voltage regulator 1.4 GHZ | IC212 13 BIT, 200 KHZ | IC-MN 250 - 500 MV | IC-RC1000 3 - 5.5 V | IC-TW3 500 KHZ, 4.3 - 5 V | IC-MSB 8 BIT, 100 KHZ | IC-MG ABSOLUTE LINEAR ENCODER / MAGNETIC / NON-CONTACT ABSOLUTE ROTARY ENCODER / HALL EFFECT ABSOLUTE ROTARY ENCODER / OPTICAL / SMD / IC Air flow sensor APC LASER DIODE DRIVER BISS INTERFACE CIRCUIT BOARD CMOS IMAGE SENSOR / FULL-COLOR / LINEAR COMPARATOR AMPLIFYING INTEGRATED CIRCUIT / ELECTRONIC DIFFUSE REFLECTIVE PHOTOELECTRIC SENSOR / CYLINDRICAL / INFRARED DIFFUSE REFLECTIVE PHOTOELECTRIC SENSOR / RECTANGULAR / INFRARED DRIVER ICS DSP MICROPROCESSOR ENCODER ICS Flow sensor Gas flow sensor GATE DRIVER HALL EFFECT PROXIMITY SENSOR / MINIATURE / AMPLIFIED I/O ICS IC LED DRIVER / FOR LIGHT CURTAIN IC SIGNAL CONDITIONER IC SIGNAL CONDITIONER / FOR SENSORS / FOR DISPLACEMENT SENSORS IC-BM IC-DC IC-DL IC-DN IC-GF IC-HAUS PRODUCTS IC-HB IC-HC IC-HL IC-HQ IC-JJ IC-JRX IC-LA IC-LF1401 IC-LFL1402 IC-LGC IC-LO IC-LQNP SERIES IC-MA IC-MFL, IC-MFLT IC-MH IC-MSB2 IC-MU IC-MZ IC-NG IC-NL IC-NT IC-NX IC-NZP IC-OD, IC-ODL IC-SD IC-SD85 IC-SM2L IC-SM5L IC-VJ, IC-VJZ IC-VP IC-WD IC-WDB IC-WDC IC-WT INFRARED LED / ROUND / SMD INFRARED LED / SUBMINIATURE / SQUARE / SMD INTERFACE ASIC / FOR SENSORS INTERPOLATOR LASER DIODE AND LED DRIVERS LASER DIODE DRIVER LEDS LINE DRIVER LINEAR FUNCTIONS LINEAR POSITION SENSOR / MAGNETO-RESISTIVE / WITH IO-LINK INTERFACE LINEAR POSITION SENSOR / NON-CONTACT / OPTICAL / ANALOG LOW-VOLTAGE SWITCHING REGULATOR OPERATIONAL AMPLIFYING INTEGRATED CIRCUIT / ELECTRONIC OTHER PRODUCTS PHOTODIODE RECEIVER / FOR RADIO REMOTE CONTROL POWER MANAGEMENT ICS RADIO TRANSCEIVER / IC Related Searches SAFETY LIGHT CURTAIN ICS SAFETY MONITOR SENSITIVE SWITCH / MULTIPOLE / ANALOG SENSOR ICS SENSOR SIGNAL CONDITIONER IC TOOLS VISIBLE LIGHT SENSOR VOLTAGE REGULATOR

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